» People - the winning team
People are the driving force of our business for we are a service led organisation. We strive to develop an optimal work force suited to our business needs. This is achieved through a careful recruitment process and rigorous training of people before they are put on to full time responsibilities. The group has more than 150 people working with it in various capacities.

The Karwa group has a flat hierarchy with manpower organised in a manner such that critical functions like sales and operations are dedicated while support functions like administration are shared for all business lines. Each line of business is looked after a business unit comprising of sales and operations teams. The sales & operations heads report to the Director overseeing the business operations.

» Processes - putting it together
At the Karwa group, we have invested heavily into systems & procedures which enable our brands to do better. Processes stem from the marketing and distribution goals of our principals & an insightful understanding of the business. We plan our systems and structures to allow a seamless working relationship with our business partners. Planning is followed by resource allocation and effective monitoring through well defined reports.

Through years of experience, we are now adept in new product launch, trade scheme administration & running consumer promotions. We have used well defined processes to do micro marketing very effectively. Individual products and markets have been developed successfully by integrating specific objectives into the process itself.

» Physical Resources - Smart Offices, Efficient Warehousing & Transportation Solutions
The Karwa group operates from prime commercial space in Delhi and Mumbai. The offices are equipped with state of the art facilities in work solutions and telecommunications.

The 4000 sq. ft. Delhi office is located in the heart of the city, Daryaganj. There is a 500 sq.ft . office at the paper hub Chawri Bazar to coordinate paper trading. The Mumbai office is situated in the prime commercial district of Mumbai, Nariman Point. Besides, the group holds prime office space at Madhu Industrial Estate at Worli.

The Karwa group has conveniently located warehousing space to suit its business needs. It operates over 30,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space in Delhi and over 10,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space in Mumbai. The warehouses are equipped with the latest gadgets in security & telecommunications equipment. We have customised racking arrangement to the needs of each business. The basic hygiene factors of cleanliness, pest control, fire fighting devices, insurance, physical stock check are carried out to maintain stock in good condition. The warehouses are supervised by dedicated manpower which is trained in handling stocks. Besides own delivery vehicles for transportation, the group also relies on outsourced arrangements for the same.

In Delhi, the warehouses are located in Ganesh Nagar ( East Delhi), Burari ( North Delhi), Daryaganj ( Central Delhi) and Nangloi ( West Delhi).

In Mumbai, the warehouses are located in Vashi ( octroi free in New Mumbai), Worli & Mazagaon.

» Adds to Quality Service
The people and the infrastructure are coordinated through well defined processes to serve the mission of quality service. They facilitate us to maintain the highest levels of service to over 1500 clients every week with adherence to rigorous service standards. We have consistently attained the objective of 24 hour delivery and 99% order fill quotient.

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